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Diamond Springs Event: “Care, Feeding, and Housing of Specialty Birds”


One of SWR’s classes for a specific class of birds (Raptors) will be held starting in January at the SWR Wildlife Center, 777 Pleasant Valley Rd, Diamond Springs. The class is free to SWR Members, with a $5.00 fee per person for non-members. If you sign up for an SWR membership at the class, there is no fee for it or any other class.

The “Care, Feeding, and Housing of Specialty Birds” class will be held on January 12, from 10 am – noon. Reservations for this class need to be made by calling Barbara at 530-621-2650. The class will be instructed by Marty Owen, Judy Monestier, and Diane Ishimaru. All are experienced experts in the handling and care of raptors such as hawks and owls, some of SWR’s most fascinating birds. Many species of these birds, if unable to be released due to injuries or conditions that would keep them from surviving in the wild, are federally and state-licensed for our Education Team. They are shown at events and special presentations to schools, community groups, scout troops and other groups throughout the year. If you are interested in training for the Education Team, please let one of the instructors know.

Two other classes will be held as individual instruction by appointment. Call Marty Owen, at 530-626-6518, to make an appointment for “Rehabbing Raccoons,” for any month this spring, and call Stefanie Stewart, at (530) 262-8292, or email her at for on-site rehabbing instruction on “Water birds, Waterfowl, and Game Birds.” Come learn about these exceptional animals, and we look forward to meeting you!

Date & Time

January 12, 2019

10:00AM - 12:00PM

More Info

Event Website


Free to members / $5 donation for general public

Special Attractions Nature & Outdoors Wildlife Education


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