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PAINT YOUR PET! ~ Paint & Sip Class

What better way to honor your best furry friend than a beautiful portrait of them painted by YOU! ♥ Simply Send us a high resolution photograph of your pet that has clarity and good lighting and we will hand sketch the image of your pet onto a 14 x 18 stretched canvas for you prior to the class! During the class, we will guide you through the step by step process of creating a painted portrait of your pet by showing you the colors to mix and painting techniques needed to bring your pet portrait to life. Please do know that the better the photograph, the better your drawing and painting will be! Head shots give the best result, but if you would like the full body then please let us know. We suggest that you avoid long distance pictures and action shots as they are difficult to paint. Background elements are OK, but please keep it simple so that they do not overpower the pets portrait or take all of your time to paint. Backgrounds can be eliminated all together and changed with different brush strokes or colors. THIS CLASS IS FOR ONLY ONE PET. Each animal is a separate portrait and there is not enough time in a 4 hour class to paint more than one portrait. We will have an 8 x 10 picture of your pet for you to paint from, but feel free to bring even more photos to use as reference for your painting. This class is listed as a 4 hour class, but it may take less time for some guests depending on your painting style and photo image. Register at the link to save your spot! ~>

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