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Health and wellness of mind, body and soul.

Salons + Spas

Stress is often inevitable with the decorating, shopping and baking of the holiday season. Perhaps you need to take time out for yourself and just relax. Or maybe you have loved ones overdue for some quality pampering. But you don’t have to break the bank or head to a resort to look and feel great. Style presents the region’s most luxurious spas and salons for the mini-escape you need to rejuvenate you or your friends’ holiday spirit!


Some might wonder why missing a single day would affect anything. It’s just one absence, right? Nothing the student can’t make up the following day. In the grand scheme of things, attendance is extremely important for numerous reasons.

Super Foods

Pledge to pack more nutrition in your meals in the New Year. Mix any (or all) of these 7 stellar foods into your daily diet and your body will thank you.

Trading Places

There comes a time when children swap roles with their parents, and for many this can be extremely stressful.

Restless Nights

Doctors agree that positive lifestyle changes can and will make an impact on sleep apnea symptoms, and will also work for those who suffer from common snoring.

Breast Cancer

A local woman’s account of finding out

The Hidden Epidemic

According to the “Lock Your Meds” campaign, prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing drug problem among 12- to 17-year-olds. That’s right – I said “prescription” drugs.

Social Media Mayhem

Over the past few years, there’s no denying social media has helped reunite old friends, connect long distance relatives and even raise funds for charities. LOL! However, lurking within an online world filled with “friend requests” and “followers” are threats to the basic safety and happiness of our kids and teens. In order to protect our wired kids, we parents must exercise tough love in determining when our child joins the social network revolution and remain hypervigilant once they do.

7 Medical Myths Debunked

Don’t cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way!” As kids, we all heard this warning from grown-ups. And, come on, weren’t you just a little afraid that it might really happen? Here are some other health-related misconceptions that might make you go bug-eyed.

Distinctive Dentists

Presenting Style Magazine’s Distinctive Dentists special advertising section. Some of our area’s best dentists and orthodontists have chosen to highlight their practice within the pages of the area’s most read community magazine. Each month Style plans on choosing a different industry to give these businesses a unique opportunity to stand out and highlight their products and services. And when you visit these businesses, make sure you tell them you saw their profile in Style!