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Health and wellness of mind, body and soul.

The 10 Spot: Back-To-School Safety Tips

As school starts up again, it’s a prime time for parents to go over some safety protocol with their little ones. Follow these quick-and-easy tips to help kiddos stay safe.

Hello Glow: 16 Holistic Beauty Tips

What exactly is holistic beauty? Depending who you ask, the definition differs. But whatever your definition, here, three local experts share their top tips to improving both mind and body.

Let Freedom Ring: 6 Guidelines for Fireworks Safety

Fireworks booths seem to dot the corner of every parking lot in the region and, in California, all directly support the community. But how do you choose where to go and what to buy?

Wordplay: Animal Planet

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman,

Get to Know Jody Gray in El Dorado County

Jody Gray often dreamed of owning a horse. “In junior high, I’d save up my lunch money—a dollar a day—until I had the $5 it cost to rent a horse at the stable,” she recalls.

Beyond Bingo: Senior Center Activities for All

Aging is not lost youth,” said writer and activist Betty Friedan, “but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

Health and Wellness: Power of Pets

9 Ways Animals Help Heal Us.

Pet Pros: El Dorado County and Foothills

Finding the right person to trust and help you take care of your beloved pets can be difficult. Luckily, the area has many resources!

Senior Focused

The businesses profiled here will assist seniors and their families in finding solutions that will allow loved ones to continue enjoying their lives to the fullest

Gold Country Retirement Community

Begin your next adventure with us!