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3 Stylishly Historic Bed-and-Breakfasts

Forget dated décor, shared bathrooms, and hovering hosts that are oftentimes associated with B&Bs. Read on for three of our favorite bed-and-breakfasts both near and far.

Sponsored: Carson Valley, Nevada—An End Of Summer Destination That’s Easy to Find But Hard to Forget

Carson Valley is a place where you can choose to do as much or as little as you can set aside moments to pause, reflect and rediscover the power of simply “being.”

The Great Outdoors: Cool Camping Gear

Camping is the ultimate summer vaca. It’s affordable, allows you to unplug while recharging your soul, and provides the primo fresh-air fix for summertime success.

“Glamp” with Style: MENDOCINO GROVE

Mendocino is one of Northern California’s best-kept secrets. Often lingering in the shadows of more popular seaside escapes, the hidden hamlet is about to make some major waves of its own.

Explore More: Your Passport to Adventure

Whether it's a road trip to a nearby wine region, an overseas journey to Japan, or a weekend away for some serious R&R, slipping away from your routine is never a bad idea. Dust off your suitcase and explore more this year…

In History: A Great Estate, Lake Tahoe's Vikingsholm

Vikingsholm is nestled at the end of Emerald Bay and was the summer home of Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight for 15 years.

Summer Camps for the El Dorado County and Foothills Region

With something for just about all personalities, these camps are ready to entertain, and even educate, kids this summer. Style invites you to take note of these cool camps!

The Gift of Kids

It helps to develop each child's full potential for learning. It's not a class. It's an experience with an environment where every child thrives.

Sacramento State Aquatic Center

Do you know what over 2000 kids did for fun last summer?

St. Francis Catholic High School

Register online now and experience summer at St. Francis!