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Neighboring Noshes: Friends with Benedicts Mimosa House

“The [Sriracha Benedict] is perfect for those who’ve exterminated their epitheliums..."

Pho Tahoe: Comfort Food at its Finest

Described as “Vietnamese food with an American twist...” Pho Tahoe covers all bases—from deep-fried wings to pho, chow mein, and rice dishes; as well as an array of appetizers and desserts.

Seasonal Recipe and Beer Pairing: Candied Orange Pork Tenderloin

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve made this recipe I’d be one wealthy lady. It’s the only meal I make that not one person in my family grumbles about when they sit down for dinner.

The Hot List: 6 Favorite Salad Bars

All hail the salad bar! Luckily, we have some pretty satisfying options in our backyard. Lettuce introduce you to a few of our faves. In no particular order…

Foodie Find: Findleton Pub

In addition to tastes and pours of a rotating selection of local beers and hard ciders, the cozy Findleton Pub also pumps out delightfully refreshing pub grub.

Pink Martini Bar and Bistro

“Also on the dinner menu is the aptly named Brick Chicken, a half-chicken grilled under a brick—ensuring the bird cooks evenly and quickly, and the skin is crispy and delicious..."

Neighboring Noshes: Thai Paradise

Though all the curries and sauces are made in-house—which is not the case in many establishments—the Spicy Curry Noodles have apparently been a family treasure for generations…”

Dining Spotlight: Kobe Sushi and Fusion

Kobe Sushi and Fusion is quietly blowing locals’ minds with great food. The menu offers everything, from Japanese favorites, stir-fry entrées, Korean dishes, and good ’ol American classics.

Chill Out: 50+ Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Our winter-loving elves compiled the ultimate guide—from where to slurp the best local soups and delicious hot chocolates to winter-friendly indoor crafts that will make your days fly by.

Get Crackin': Crab Feed Roundup

Grab your bibs and mallets—Dungeness crab season is here and the pickings are looking good.