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Gold Country Artist Jann Noddin

08/29/2017 ● By Heather Becker

Impassioned Impressionist

El Dorado County Artist Isabella Ryder

07/25/2017 ● By Style

Smooth as Silk

Foothill Musicians, Creepy Uncles

06/27/2017 ● By Heather Becker

Sultans of String

Flamework Glass Artist Branda Corey of Placerville

05/31/2017 ● By Heather Becker

A glass act

El Dorado County Artist Barbie Smith

04/25/2017 ● By Heather Becker

Soothing Scenes

Placerville's Suzy Mackendrick of Jewel House Rocks

03/29/2017 ● By Heather Becker

A real gem

Beverly Austin of Both the Placerville Arts Association and the El Dorado Arts Council

02/22/2017 ● By Heather Becker

A force of nature

Cathy Keil, Vice President of the Placerville Arts Association

12/30/2016 ● By David Norby

Whimsical Wonders

Artist Brenda Williams of the El Dorado Arts Council

11/22/2016 ● By David Norby

Embracing the exotic

Alison Tomei, Placerville-Based Mixed Media Artist

10/26/2016 ● By David Norby

The process of making art fills a deep need for emotional and spiritual wellness