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Chris Knopp: Making Waves

Chris Knopp has been painting with watercolors for over 40 years, enjoying both the beauty and the challenge the often-tricky medium presents.

Red Dirt Ruckus: Music for the Masses of El Dorado County

“Music is truly the universal language; we’re lucky to be able to jump around from genre to genre and hopefully give everyone we play for something they love,” shares the band.

Jaclyn Lovey: Placerville's Prized Voice

“My motto is ‘the only way you can fail in the music industry is to stop making music,’” shares Lovey.

See the Elephant: Artistic Opportunities for All in El Dorado County

Our goal is to provide shows that can be accessible to anyone, whether they can afford it or not.

Debbie Claussen, Wildly Whimsical: The Arts of El Dorado County

“I feel I’m always exploring, experimenting, and learning,” Claussen reveals. “If I don’t, I feel stagnant in my artistic journey.”

El Dorado County Arts: Dave Collins in Sounds of Success

“I’ve worked with [numerous] artists—from Sting to Madonna—but my favorite people to work with are often independent artists. Their passion in their music is pure,” shares Collins.

El Dorado County's Jeff Nelson: Master of His Craft

“The goal is usually the same—to push the boundaries of creativity and skill,” shares Nelson

Gold Country Artist Jann Noddin

Impassioned Impressionist

El Dorado County Artist Isabella Ryder

Smooth as Silk

Foothill Musicians, Creepy Uncles

Sultans of String