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El Dorado Dog Owners Guild

Holly Morrison’s dogs were still puppies when she started working to build a dog park in her home community of Cameron Park.

The Gift Guide

50-plus presents for $50 or less


The idea was not to limit the band by copying cover tunes verbatim, but add their individual twist to the music.

2013 Reader's Choice Winners

You voted, now it's time to celebrate with your local favorites!

Anne Dodd

Taking a single rod of colored glass and melting and forming it into a beautiful bead is what makes it so special.

People and Their Pets 2013

Whether it’s cats, dogs, feathers or fins that make your tail wag, you’re bound to drool over these purr-fect pictures of local pets and some of their owners.

Hartsong Ranch

This was Kathy’s impetus to do more for discarded and defeated farm animals.

Money Matters

Rather than scatter money around and spread the veil of caring so thin that nothing gets done, we’re here to take on the biggest problems, resolve them, and move on to the next one.”

Summer Fun Guide 2013

The smell of outdoor grilling, sunscreen, cotton candy and lawn clippings…ah summer. Yet here we are, still wondering what to do and where to go. What’s cool? What’s fun? What’s free? Worry no more, sun lovers and water babies—we’ve got you covered, like Granddad’s zinc-lathered nose. Come with us as we show you where to get soaked, roar with the crowd, bring Fido, see fireworks, keep the kids happy, break a sweat and have fun on a dime—all this summer and all in and around the area!

Dick Arnold

Upon retirement Arnold knew he wanted to continue to work with wood. But what direction?