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Top Area Doctors

12/28/2018 05:31PM

Advances in medicine happen at an astonishing speed, and thankfully, our community has professional, high-quality health care providers who are helping to drive these medical advances forward. The accomplished medical professionals on the pages that follow have made an impact through education, leadership, innovation, and genuinely caring for their patients. Style invites you to celebrate them for their achievements in medicine and in the community.

Cheree Dunbar MD MPH Northern California Wellness

Cheree Dunbar, MD, MPH: Northern California Wellness

Dr. Cheree Dunbar specializes in helping patients both look and feel younger through hormone optimization and aesthetic procedures. Read More » 


The Zimmerman Center for Plastic Surgery

The Zimmerman Center for Plastic Surgery

Now offering the revolutionary EMSCULPT procedure. Providing help for both men and women who want to build muscle while sculpting their body. Read More » 


Vitality Stem Cell  Aesthetic Medicine Celia Remy MDPC

Vitality Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine: Celia Remy, M.D.P.C.

Doctor Remy and her staff sincerely thank our patients for the honor of voting Vitality #1 Favorite Med Spa, and Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures 8 years in a row! Read More » 


Kenneth M Toft MD Toft Facial Plastic Surgery

Kenneth M. Toft, M.D.: Toft Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kenneth M. Toft is a highly respected authority in facial plastic surgery. He minimizes the signs of surgery so his patients look refreshed, youthful and balanced. Read More » 


Bill Barley MD Integrative Medicine Physician

Bill Barley, MD: Integrative Medicine Physician

Combining the best of holistic and allopathic medicine, Dr. Barley is uniquely qualified to deliver this care. He is certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. Read More » 


Hendricks For Health

Hendricks For Health

It is not a short-term plan but one that becomes a way of life, the very way the Hendricks family eats and lives everyday. Read More » 


Northern California Fertility Medical Center

Northern California Fertility Medical Center

Individualized care from one of our four board certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists and one male fertility specialist is our trademark. Read More » 


Arnold Almonte DO

Arnold Almonte, D.O.

Dr. Arnold Almonte is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon whose practice is dedicated to cosmetic surgery of the face. It is his goal to provide the highest quality in patient care. Read More » 


Dermatology Center of Northern California

Dermatology Center of Northern California

Dr. David No is a board certified dermatologist. Born and raised in Southern California, he attended UC Berkeley and graduated with highest honors with a major in molecular biology. Read More » 


Artur Henke MD Placer Dermatology

Artur Henke, M.D.: Placer Dermatology

Thank you for voting Dr. Henke as one of the Best Dermatologists for eight years in a row and as a Best Medical Practice for the 2nd year in a row! Read More » 


Denise Bogard MD Faarfm Abaarm Bogard Health-Well Aging Med

Denise Bogard, M.D., Faarfm, Abaarm: Bogard Health-Well Aging Med

Dr. Bogard has a long history in the health field. From an RN to a nurse anesthetist to an anesthesiologist, she spent almost 40 years in the operating room. Read More » 


Scott B Hearth MD Granite Bay Dermatology and Laser Center

Scott B. Hearth, M.D.: Granite Bay Dermatology and Laser Center

We are dedicated to providing our patients with a lifetime of healthy and beautiful skin. Read More » 


Revolutions Naturopathic

Revolutions Naturopathic

If you are you ready to be in charge of your own health, give us a call at 916-351-9355 to get started. Read More » 


Nuance Cosmetic Surgery Dr Ken Sumida

Nuance Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Ken Sumida

From the time you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment, you will be treated like a precious patient. Read More » 


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