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Fall in Love: 5 DIY Décor Tips

11/05/2018 11:38AM

It’s fall, y’all! Bring the warmth and colors of the season into your home with these easy peasy tips from Tami Teel Designs in Roseville.  

1/ Welcome your friends and family with the warm colors of fall by placing various shades of pumpkins or corn stalks on a post or next to your door. It’s also fun to rummage through your garage or hit a farmers’ market to pick up a statement piece like a wheelbarrow or a large tin can to fill. If you doubt your ability for “designing,” remember: That’s the beauty of fall; there’s an organic flow to placing objects that already grow wildly without rules or perfect form. Just do it! Have your exterior be the start of your vibe, which can be felt from the front door to the back.

2/ To blend white walls and succulents with seasonal décor, utilize a branch with crisp hues alongside metallic containers. You can also clean out pumpkins and white wash them or use chalk paints if you’re looking for a uniform look. Simply place a succulent inside the hollowed out pumpkin and group them together for a larger impact. They can double as a takeaway gift for your guests, too.

3/ Put an organic wreath on a charming chair for a relaxed sensibility that fills a room with fall warmth. As delightful as the tastes of the season are, your décor should also be delicious. Place sprigs of herbs and cuttings from fields in vases. You can also add extra pumpkins, corn, or squash onto to any food or beverage buffet. Loosely placed garlands with a variety of fall vegetables on mantles and windowsills allow for a harmonious feel.

4/ Once you understand your color palette and style you can select a handful of items and repeat. Lighting taper candles and placing votives in the center of your table sends a message of added warmth to any setting. Linen runners have become the new tablecloth, as it allows the natural wood to be exposed and give a kiss of casual. 

5/ If you’re a “trendsetter,” place antlers in your design scape and get a gleam of shine by mixing metals. Spray paints come in many metallic hues and can turn any leaf collected or mini pumpkin into a contemporary decoration. The important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the rhythm of placing natural items together.

by Tami Teel

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