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The 10 Spot: Local Authors

09/04/2018 01:25PM

For the 10th year, Style brings you the latest stack of accomplished area authors and their published works. In no particular order…

Public Affairs: The Choices We Make by Elizabeth Ferry-Perata, Cameron Park

"Public Affairs: The Choices We Make" by Elizabeth Ferry-Perata

Public Affairs is a compelling inter-generational saga with themes about family, love, and loss. A tragic incident occurs, causing a ripple effect among the main characters. Ultimately, it’s all about making hard choices—the kind of choices we never want to be faced with. Available at Face in a Book

Strangers and Sojourners in a Town Called Penryn: Adeline by Monica Gillman Gavia, Penryn

"Strangers and Sojourners in a Town Called Penryn: Adeline" by Monica Gillman Gavia

In 1853, eight-year-old slave, Adeline, is sent from Mississippi to the “slave-free” state of California. Her cross-country caretakers, William and Catheraine Barton, embrace the amiable child, awakening her desire to be part of a real family. This is the story about her journey from servitude to salvation. Available at

‘Tails’ from the Trails by Debbi Preston, Rescue

"‘Tails’ from the Trails" by Debbi Preston

Follow Preston and her dog, Toots, as they begin hiking together with little knowledge or preparation. After gaining confidence and working together, they became more comfortable exploring. Ultimately, Toots teaches Preston to enjoy the outing and adventure instead of focusing on reaching a particular destination. Available at Face in a Book, Placerville News, and

The Travels of Trevor the Turtle by Susie Crisp, Shingle Springs

"The Travels of Trevor the Turtle" by Susie Crisp

When Trevor the turtle hatches from his egg and is lost, he is befriended by a kind owl who takes him “under his wing.” Thus, a special friendship is born and they set off to travel as companions on many adventures. Available at Placerville News Company, Barnes & Noble, and

Super Sushi Adventures: The Fun Begins by Krithi Munagala, El Dorado Hills

"Super Sushi Adventures: The Fun Begins" by Krithi Munagala

Nine-year-old Krithi, her pet dog Sushi, and their neighbor’s dog Trixie get pulled into a surreal world of superheroes and adventure. The story of how they adjust to this new world and help create superhero teams around the world makes for an enjoyable read with a message of unity. Available at Barnes & Noble and

If Wendell Had a Walrus by Lori Mortensen, Cameron Park

"If Wendell Had a Walrus" by Lori Mortensen

In this heartwarming story about friendship and imagination, a boy named Wendell dreams of getting a pet walrus. Together, they’d ride bikes, tell jokes, and have a grand time. But looking for a walrus turns out to be its own adventure, one with an unexpected and happy result. Available at Face in a Book, Barnes & Noble, and

Bury the Past by James L’Etoile, Cameron Park

"Bury the Past" by James L’Etoile

Sacramento Police Department detectives John Penley and Paula Newberry follow the trail on a new murder where the DNA evidence identifies a man with the ultimate alibi—he’s already in prison. Then, the investigation begins to uncover a case from Paula’s past—one she thought was behind her. Available at Face in a Book, Barnes & Noble, and

Things to Know Before I Go: A Financial and Personal Affairs Organizer by Susan E. Dalton, El Dorado Hills

"Things to Know Before I Go: A Financial and Personal Affairs Organizer" by Susan E. Dalton

Explore the advantages of having important personal and financial information documented in an organized manner for one’s family in time of need. This book provides fill-in forms to assist people in the event of an unexpected illness, accident, or death through 17 categories including locations of important documents, real/personal property, funeral/memorial, notifications, pets, and more. Available at

The Story of El Dorado Hills by Carl Kowall, Sacramento

"The Story of El Dorado Hills" by Carl Kowall

This is the story about the birth of a city and the man and his team who created a modern community for a modern time—the story of vision and perseverance and how sometimes the most important part of bringing a vision to life is being able to let go and let others carry it forward. Available at Face in a Book, El Dorado County Historical Museum, Folsom History Museum, Barnes & Noble, and

Dear Friend: Letters of Encouragement, Humor, and Love for Women with Breast Cancer by Gina L. Mulligan, Folsom

"Dear Friend: Letters of Encouragement, Humor, and Love for Women with Breast Cancer" by Gina L. Mulligan

This beautiful collection of handwritten letters offers encouragement to women living with breast cancer. Written by compassionate strangers, these heartfelt letters were gathered by Girls Love Mail, a Folsom-based organization that provides support to people diagnosed with breast cancer. Available at Face in a Book, Barnes & Noble, and

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