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Special Advertising: Top Area Doctors

12/29/2017 01:03PM

Advances in medicine happen at an astonishing speed these days, and thankfully, our community has professional, high-quality health care providers who are helping to drive these medical advances forward. These accomplished medical professionals have made an impact in our neighborhoods through education, leadership, innovation and genuinely caring for their patients. Style invites you to celebrate these exemplary local medical professionals for their achievements in medicine, and in the community.

Northern California Fertility Medical Center Fertility  IVF Clinic - 12292017 1152AM

Northern California Fertility Medical Center: Fertility & IVF Clinic - 12/29/2017 11:52AM

At Northern California Fertility Medical Center (NCFMC), our vision is your future family. We are proud of our high success rates and are committed to providing the highest quality care. Read More » 


Vitality Stem Cell  Aesthetic Medicine - 12292017 1152AM

Vitality Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine - 12/29/2017 11:52AM

Dr. Remy’s philosophy: “What matters most to me, is that we bring the best of ourselves and our industry forward to our patients." Read More » 


Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates - 12292017 1153AM

Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates - 12/29/2017 11:53AM

Dr. Machado believes that bariatric surgery is an efficient tool that requires commitment and dedication by both the provider and the patient for the best outcomes. Read More » 


Dr Ken Sumida Nuance Cosmetic Surgery Center - 12292017 1221PM

Dr. Ken Sumida: Nuance Cosmetic Surgery Center - 12/29/2017 12:21PM

Dr. Ken Sumida and the staff at Nuance Cosmetic Surgery Center aim to improve your natural appearance and reverse some signs of aging. Read More » 


Michele Cherry DO Marsal OBGYN - 12292017 1222PM

Michele Cherry, DO: Marsal OB/GYN - 12/29/2017 12:22PM

From adolescence through the child bearing years, menopause and beyond, women’s health needs are ever changing, and Dr. Michele Cherry understands. Read More » 


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