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Apple Barrel Pizza

11/22/2017 01:21PM

Apple Barrel Pizza, 3600 Carson Road, Suite C, Camino, 530-644-6000,

Apple Barrel is Apple Hill’s new kid on the dining block. They opened in June and are quickly establishing themselves as the place to go for pizza when you’re “up the hill.” The dining area is spacious and perfect for families, kids, large groups or pretty much anyone who loves high-quality pizza in laid-back environs. 

I stopped by for lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and started with a half-order of wings alongside two of their scratch-made sauces: honey mustard zing and apple cider BBQ. I think you’re supposed to pick one per order and smother them, but I took mine “naked” and dipped—and they were downright delicious. The apple cider BBQ sauce—with its mouthwatering blend of sweet, savory and subtle spiciness—was my personal favorite, but my dining companion adored the piquant punch of the honey mustard. 

The pizzas are the real star of the show here, however—thick, scratch-made crust that’s cooked to absolute perfection and topped with house-made sauce and fresh ingredients from local farms.

We ordered a small, 10-inch Taste of Greece and another Chicken Supreme. I’m not going to lie: The Taste of Greece—essentially souvlaki on a pizza base—was one of the best pies I’ve ever had. Creamy garlic sauce, melty mozzarella, thick chunks of exquisitely spiced gyro lamb, fresh tomatoes and sliced red onions—all drizzled with tzatziki sauce, which makes everything sing—made for a match made in pizza heaven. I grew up in Australia where Greek food is everywhere and this was pure palate bliss. I couldn’t get enough. 

The Chicken Supreme was tasty, too—thanks to tender chunks of chicken, subtle garlic sauce, crispy (and plenty of) bacon, fresh tomatoes and onions—but I couldn’t stop eating or thinking about the Greek pie. 

Whether you’ve spent the day wine tasting or sampling the wares in Apple Hill, or if you’re just in the mood for great pizza, make sure you stop by Apple Barrel for the Taste of Greece…and a taste of pizza perfection!   

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