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The Hot List: 6 Tortilla Tantalizers for El Dorado County and Foothills Readers

08/29/2017 03:39PM ● Published by Style

Whether you prefer yours with corn or flour tortillas, and stuffed with carnitas or no carne at all, picking a favorite taco is like picking a favorite child. After some taste testing (OK, a lot) and much debate, we narrowed down our picks and present them here. In no particular order…

 “Foodie alert! Nixtaco makes the best tacos in town. From chicken mole and pork belly to vegan offerings, plus octopus and sweetbreads, they have it all. My pick is the Nixtaco Combination Specialty Taco with tender shrimp, rajas con queso, chicharron, micro cilantro, toasted sesame seed-chile oil and peanut-chipotle aioli on their house-made blue corn tortilla with grilled Oaxaca cheese. Talk about a muy bueno meal.” 


 “Totem Coffee in Placerville brings new meaning to the phrase ‘TGIF’ with their tasty vegetarian street taco that’s available Friday evenings from 4-6 p.m. Featuring perfectly spiced potatoes, garbanzo beans and bell peppers on a corn tortilla, it’s satiating without leaving you grossly stuffed—allowing plenty of room for a craft beer that the $6 combo comes with!” 

 “I’d never had—or heard of—mashed potatoes in a taco before until trying the Sinaloa-style tacos from Mexquite, and now I’m officially hooked! Filled with the aforementioned spuds and shredded chicken or beef, then fried to crispy perfection and served with lettuce, marinated onions, sour cream and queso fresco, they’re unforgettable and uber addicting.” 

 “If you’re a fan of al pastor, grab a couple of adovada tacos with all the fixin's from Freshmex Express Mexican Grill. The cubes of slow-cooked pork are marinated in a flavorful red chili (guajillo) sauce (it’s normally kept in the back, so you have to ask for it) and are a carnivore’s dream. Add some cilantro, fresh salsa, onions and a healthy squeeze of lime for a delicious lunch.” 

 “Though not a Mexican restaurant, the Street Taco Trio from Folsom Tap House never disappoints. Pick your protein or mix and match—offerings include carnitas tossed in chili verde sauce, shredded barbacoa beef, fried calamari, chili lemon chicken (my fav!) and veggie—and get ready to have your palate blown. The owner, Stacey, really puts her heart and soul into making the eatery a local favorite, which probably explains why I’m a regular (especially during football season!).” 

 “Who knew Powell’s Steamer Co. and Pub on Placerville’s Main Street served tacos? Tuesdays haven’t been the same since discovering their pulled pork taco and tilapia taco that are under $6 a pop. The fish can be ordered grilled or fried, and it’s served simply—with fresh salsa, cabbage and a squirt of lime, so that the seafood can take the spotlight.” 

Compiled by Style Staffers  //  Photos by Dante Fontana

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