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Foothill Musicians, Creepy Uncles

06/27/2017 04:48PM ● Published by Heather Becker

Craig Pooley, Mike Mayfield and Steve Weaver

With a dynamic rhythm and diverse style, this acoustic trio—comprised of Steve Weaver on guitar, Craig Pooley on mandolin, and Mike Mayfield on bass—loves sharing their joy of creating music together live in front of fans. Each bandmate contributes to the group’s compelling vocals and indie/newgrass/pop sound, which is influenced by bands like The Decemberists, The Wood Brothers, Dispatch and The Devil Makes Three. Don’t miss their upcoming performances at Georgetown Park on July 22 (a benefit concert for KFOK Radio), Red Poets Winery on September 8, and Danette’s Brick Oven Pub on October 6 and November 24.

HLB: What’s the story behind the name Creepy Uncles?

CU: We’d been looking for a unique band name, a name that when you walked by a crowded bulletin board it would pop out. During a rehearsal, our bass player said something jokingly and someone else said, “That sounds like you’re someone’s creepy uncle.” We laughed about it all night, so the name just stuck. 

HLB: When did you start performing as a band? 

CU: We initially put the Creepy Uncles together for a monumental birthday for our bass player [and ended up] playing multiple private party gigs that summer. Once we started playing music together, we knew we had something to share. We made our official public debut in February 2017. 

HLB: As musicians, what do you enjoy most about the foothills?

CU: All three of us have lived in this community for a very long time; two of us even graduated from local high schools. There’s a great, interconnected network of musicians in this community and there’s almost always something musically happening. You run into some familiar musicians and meet new ones all the time. It’s like a big old family of talented cousins.

HLB: What do you love most about performing?  

CU: It’s so invigorating to perform live. We feed off our combined energy and tend to throw it out to our audience. Nothing energizes our shows more than seeing folks having fun and grooving along.

HLB: Do you have any favorite venues to perform at? 

CU: We love the vibe at H.Art Lounge and Danette’s Brick Oven Pub. We would love to play at the Cozmic Café or the Shingle Springs Community Center’s "Second Saturday Concert Series."

HLB: What are your future ambitions? 

CU: We’re blessed to have three members who all have a great imagination and share a common interest in all things music. We’re continually adding to our musical catalog. We’re also experimenting with shifting around instruments and adding some rhythm—maybe cajon, washboard or electronic—to mix things up a bit and keep it interesting. We have no delusions of grandeur—we love our foothill community and playing for our fans. We love meeting new friends and sharing our music. We plan to just keep on having fun doing what we do.

By Heather L. Becker // photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

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