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Summer Suds: 6 Buzzworthy Beers

06/05/2017 10:22AM ● Published by Style

Leave the porters and stouts behind—summer calls for brews that are light, citrusy and refreshing…offerings that you can sip from sunup to sundown. Grab your bottle opener and get ready to stay cool (and tipsy) at the pool with these 6 Buzzworthy Beers

Anchor Summer Wheat; ABV: 4.5%

The crisp, clean flavors of Anchor Summer Wheat are refreshingly light—a thirst-quenching American-style filtered wheat beer. 

Allagash Saison; ABV: 6.1%

A classic Belgian farmhouse-style ale that’s spicy, light and drinkable with tropical fruit accents and a rustic, dry finish.

Calicraft Reserve Rosé; ABV: 10.5%

California Zinfandel, cherries and raspberries bring wine-like flavors and a complex fruit profile in this beer-meets-wine beverage.

Goose Summertime Kölsch; ABV: 5.1%

With a light fruity aroma and a bright, crisp finish, this kölsch—brewed in the traditional German fashion—is the perfect summer session ale.  

Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee IPA; ABV: 7.2%

A piney, citrus, mango, Simcoe-hopped IPA with an infusion of cold brew extract that’s poppin' with creamy blueberry and cacao notes.

 Almanac Beer Co. Cherry Picker; ABV: 6.8%

This fruit-forward Brettanomyces ale features hand-selected Brett beer barrels alongside Balaton and Montmorency cherries, resulting in a rich, crimson, cherry bomb of a beer.

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