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Ask the Experts of El Dorado Hills and Placerville

04/25/2017 03:39PM ● Published by Style

Why don’t traditional fad diets work long-term for most people?

Fad diets focus on cutting calories; however, manipulating calories really has nothing to do with long-term weight loss. If this were true, then everyone who cut out soda and ate more vegetables would all be skinny, while those who consumed tacos and beer would all be obese—neither of which is true. The main problem with dieting is the foundational premise stating you must eat less. Diets that encourage eating less perpetuate a false oversimplification of “calories in, calories out.” Your body does not work that way. When you cut calories, your body adapts over time, and usually within a couple of weeks your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy. Weight is lost, but you end up with a slower metabolism; then the weight comes back and this vicious cycle often gets repeated. Before long, your metabolism is reduced to a slow crawl and your weight is no longer manageable. A healthy metabolism is the name of the game. Improving your metabolic function is key to sustained weight loss and, unfortunately, diets do not address the root cause of metabolic insufficiency.

 Dr. Randy Johns  //  Happy Healthy THIN Weight Loss Solutions  //  4970 Robert J Mathews Parkway, Suite 120, El Dorado Hills  //  844-916-8446

Is it better to wear shoes or go barefoot on carpet?  

If you’re looking to keep the carpet in your home as clean as possible, the answer is neither; it’s best to wear socks. Shoes typically carry soil, pollen and dust into your home and onto your carpet. If you can leave your shoes at the door, your carpet will benefit greatly. Bare feet—while cleaner than shoes—have numerous sweat glands and can leave trace amounts of moisture on your carpet. Dust and dander attract to this moisture, and over time you may end up with visible traffic patterns. To keep your carpet as clean as possible, wear socks or indoor slippers in your home, and don’t forget to vacuum! Slow, regular vacuuming and yearly professional cleanings are two of the most important steps in prolonging the life and look of your carpet.

 Karen Carter, Co-Owner   //  Carter’s Carpet Restoration  //  4911 Windplay Drive, Suite 1A, El Dorado Hills  //  916-933-7807
Karen Carter photo by Dante Fontana. Weight photo © Gino Santa Maria/

What causes brakes to wear faster, and how do you know when it’s time to have them serviced? 

There are a few different reasons brakes can wear faster, including mountain driving, city driving vs. freeway driving, sticking or dirty calipers, quality of brake pad material and heavy loads. Worn/damaged shocks can also cause premature wear, since they increase stopping effort. Signs that your brakes need service can be squeaking (there are indicator tabs installed on the pad material by the manufacturer), grinding or sticking brakes, or any other abnormal sound during braking. It’s a good idea to have your brake system inspected every 5,000 miles or during regular servicing, since the average braking material lasts between 25,000-45,000 miles depending on driving conditions.

Ross Mitchelson  //  Automotive Excellence  //  4600 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 14, Placerville  //  530-622-2701

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