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Style El Dorado County Foothills

Readers’ Choice Award Winners: People and Places of El Dorado County and Foothills

06/28/2016 04:45PM ● By David Norby

Style readers voted, and the results are in! Check out the list of top people and places—from medical professionals and fitness experts to bartenders, wineries and more—that our region has to offer. Maybe you’ll find your favorites, or discover new local gems to check out.


Favorite Waitperson

1. Jake Brekke at The Independent Restaurant and Bar

2. Danette Inman at Danette‘s Brick Oven Pub

3. Kayla Medina at Wally’s Pizza Bar

Favorite Chef

1. John Sanders at Old Town Grill

2. Christian Masse at Allez!

3. Orlando Alvalos at Wally’s Pizza Bar

Favorite Museum

1. Coloma Gold Museum

2. Old Hangtown’s Gold Bug Park and Mine

3. Placerville Historical Museum

Favorite Winery

1. Miraflores Winery

2. Boeger Winery

3. Crystal Basin Cellars

A very close #4: Narrow Gate Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Red Hawk Casino

Favorite Casino

1. Red Hawk Casino

2. Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort

3. Harrah’s Lake Tahoe

Favorite Dance Instructor

1. Kay Lenhart at Jammin’ Dance and Fitness

2. Jennifer Costello at Foothills Dance Studio

3. Sherri Scher at On Stage Productions

Favorite Martial Arts Instructor

1. Jeremy Sipes at Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts

2. TIE: Bob Westphal at Foothill Taekwondo AND Scott Newman at New Man’s Karate

3. Kelly Webb at Gold Country Martial Arts

Favorite Yoga Instructor

1. Gretta Smith at Ohana Moon Yoga

2. Sara Valentine at  Smith Flat House Center for Health

3. Jennifer Heape at Fitness Solutions

Favorite Pilates Instructor

1. Karen Pledger at El Dorado Hills Sports Club

2. Kristen Loving at Pilates Power

3. Donna Fettig at Fit and Well Pilates

Favorite Acupuncturist

1. Rosie McNeilly, LAc

2. Wendy Stedeford, MSAOM, LAc

3. Benjamin Ling, MD

 Favorite Bartender

1. Stacy Calhoun at Poor Red’s Bar-B-Q

2. Sheena Dalton at The Independent Restaurant and Bar

3. Michelle Stahlman at Durango’s Mexican Restaurant

Favorite Chiropractor

1. Lorin Farr, DC

2. John Taylor, DC

3. TIE: Petrice Foxworthy, DC AND June Scofield, DC

Favorite Pediatric Dentist

1. Penny Dodson, DDS

2. Victoria Sullivan, DDS

3. TIE: Jared Danielson, DDS AND Cindy Weideman, DDS

Favorite Mental Health Professional

1. Jill Gustafson, LCSW

2. Kay Williams, MA, MFT

3. Carrie Getz, PsyD

Favorite Physical Therapist

1. Erin Le Blanc, PT at Cameron Park Physical Therapy

2. TIE: Lori Adams, PT at Fitzpatrick Physical Therapy AND Steve Harrity, PT at Cameron Park Physical Therapy

3. Michael Daack, MPT, OCS at Advanced Physical Therapy

Favorite General Practitioner

1. Mark Holthouse, MD

2. Bill Barley, MD

3. Gerardo Galang, MD

Favorite Doctor

1. Michael Jones, MD

2. Taylor Vance, MD

3. TIE: Peter Barba, MD AND Kenneth Nelson, MD

Favorite Dermatologist

1. Bruce Miller, MD

2. David No, MD, PhD

3. Karen Bissell, MD, FAAD


Favorite Personal Trainer

1. Jenn Heape at Fitness Solutions 

2. Stacy Alway at Powerhouse Gym

3. Jessica Miller at Action Potential Personal Training


Favorite Eye Doctor

1. Shawn McDonald, OD

2. Ronald Evans, MD

3. Leilani Norton, MD

Favorite Pharmacist

1. Darrell Cavalari at Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy

2. Scott Taber at Robinson’s Pharmacy

3. Beth Lang at Robinson’s Pharmacy

Favorite Veterinarian

1. David Barnes, DVM at Golorado Animal Hospital

2. Randy Robinson, DVM at Missouri Flat Pet Clinic

3. Ric Delgadillo, DVM, MS at Crossroads Veterinary Hospital

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures

1. Reginald Rice, MD at Marshall Plastic Surgery

2. Christa Clark, MD at Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery

3. Sherellen Gerhart, MD at Dignity Medical Aesthetics

Favorite Plastic Surgeon

1. Reginald Rice Jr., MD

2. Christa Clark, MD

3. Sherellen Gerhart, MD 

Favorite Pediatrician

1. Ulrich Hacker, MD

2. Elizabeth Peterson, MD

3. TIE: Brett Christiansen, MD AND Nicole Shorrock, MD

Favorite Dentist

1. Allen Chantry, DDS

2. Ryan Easterbrook, DDS

3. TIE: William Couch, DMD AND Douglas Stadler, DDS

Favorite Oral Surgeon

1. David McIntire, DDS

2. Jason Straw, DDS

3. Donald Liberty, DDS

Ken Burkey photo courtesy of Green Valley Community Church.


Favorite Spiritual Leader

1. Ken Burkey at Green Valley Community Church

2. Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber at Spiritual Center for Positive Living

3. David Cooke at Cold Springs Community Church


Favorite Local Artist

1. Pamela Findleton

2. Gloria Vernon

3. Mike Bagdonas

A very close #4: Lisa Aikenhead

Favorite Orthodontist

1. Matthew Sanders, DDS, MS

2. Daryl Proctor, DDS, MS

3. Christian Hoybjerg, DDS, MS

Favorite Teacher

1. Paul Tomei at El Dorado High School

2. Marilyn Anderson at El Dorado Adventist School

3. Ashley Smith at Indian Creek Elementary

Favorite Local Hero

1. Travis Parsons (paramedic/firefighter)

2. Sergeant Chris Felton

3. Davey “Doc” Wiser

Favorite Local Businessperson

1. Jenni Lynn at Jenni Lynn Boutique

2. Alisa Troise at RE/MAX Gold

3. Gene Gillihan at Gilly’s Radiator Repair Shop


Favorite Facialist

1. Marina Ramos at Aesthetics by Marina

2. Penny Chabot at The Parlor

3. Kelly Miller at Waterfall Salon and Day Spa


Favorite Makeup Artist

1. Cierra Shae at Cierra Shae Bridal Hair Makeup Artistry

2. Penny Chabot at The Parlor

3. Rachel Anderson at Crimson Rose

Favorite Massage Therapist

1. Penny Chabot at The Parlor

2. Diana Del Rio Duncan at Mimosa Day Spa

3. Sara Morgan at Integrative Massage Therapy

A very close #4: Stacy Gillette at The Daybreak Spa

Favorite Local Athlete

1. Justin Beckham

2. Dakota Gautier

3. Fernando Esparza

Favorite Civic Leader

1. Sheriff John D’Agostini

2. Wendy Thomas

3. Laurel Brent-Baum

Favorite Annual Event

1. El Dorado County Fair

2. Placerville Art and Wine Festival

3. Placerville Bell Tower Brewfest

Favorite Local Musician/Band

1. Island of Black and White

2. Patrick Walsh

3. Element of Soul

Favorite Place to Volunteer

1. Snowline Hospice

2. Food Bank of El Dorado County

3. Green Valley Community Church

Favorite Athletic Coach

1. Ken Flickinger at Pleasant Valley Middle School

2. Chris Felton at Prospector Soccer Club

3. Dwayne Brekke at Ponderosa High School

Favorite Barber

1. Jesse Love at Love’s Barber Shop

2. Joe Crespin at Joe’s Barber Shop

3. Ernest “Bowtie” Kilmer at Bowtie Barbershop

A very close #4: Mike Cordero at Mike’s Barber Shop

Favorite Hair Stylist

1. Emily Martin at Prestige House of Beaute

2. Andrea Burt of Revamps Salon

3. Jody Visconti at Gold Country Hair Salon

A very close #4: Jessi Castaneda-Herdon at Jess Hair Co.

Favorite Art Gallery

1. Gold Country Artists’ Gallery

2. Placerville Art Gallery

3. Iron Willow Gallery

Favorite Accountant

1. Spencer Weston, CPA

2. Terrie Y. Prod’hon, CPA

3. Adrian Rounds, EA

A very close #4: Donald Edwards, CPA


Favorite Real Estate Agent

1. Alisa Troise

2. Janine Waggener

3. Casey McLoed

A very close #4: Sally Long Johns

Farmers’ market photo by Dante Fontana.


Favorite Farmers’ Market

1. Placerville Certified Farmers’ Market

2. El Dorado Hills Certified Farmers’ Market

3. Cameron Park Certified Farmers’ Market

Favorite Attorney

1. Terri  A. Smith

2. Stephen Tapson

3. Jana Ellerman

Favorite Mall/Shopping Center

1. Downtown Placerville

2. El Dorado Hills Town Center

3. Folsom Premium Outlets

Favorite Wedding Officiant

1. Terri A. Smith

2. Cindie Wilding

3. Rev. Jeri Murphy

Photos by Aaron Roseli
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