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Weight Management Tips for Your Pet from Veterinary Healing Center Folsom & El Dorado Hills [sponsored post]

01/06/2016 03:04PM ● Published by David Norby

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Obesity is a serious problem for today’s pets—studies estimate that over 50% of them are overweight! Due to complications like arthritis, heart disease, and more, it’s essential for obese pets to slim down. 


It’s very likely that your pet’s diet will need to change if he or she is to lose weight. Talk with your veterinarian about the current food you offer.   There are many options of specially formulated foods, based on a cat’s age, health, pre-existing conditions, and other factors, that may be beneficial to their weight and overall health.  


Exercise is another key part of a pet’s weight loss program. Every day, time should be set aside to get your pet moving. Your veterinarian can direct you on the exact activities, duration, and scheduling for exercise times.

Use Treats Wisely

An overabundance of treats is just giving your pet empty calories. Remember to only use treats as a reward for training, good behavior, or as the occasional indulgence.

Avoid Free-Feeding

Free-feeding is the practice of leaving food out in the bowl at all times. Pets will likely eat even if they’re not hungry, leading to obesity. Try scheduling regular mealtimes, and take away uneaten food after a certain period of time. Consult your veterinarian for specific details.

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Veterinary Healing Center Folsom - Folsom CA

Veterinary Healing Center Folsom - Folsom, CA

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