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World Famous Barber Jon’s Relocating to Embarcadero Drive in El Dorado Hills

11/11/2015 10:20AM ● Published by David Norby

World Famous Barber Jon’s the venerable and highly awarded Barber shop serving patrons from all over the Sacramento Valley, plans to relocate to a new improved location, 1 mile away, to better serve their growing loyal patrons. “We are celebrating 20 years of service to our patrons; we look forward to this exciting move and fantastic new beginning for the next 20 years. The staff is excited about the move, and bringing their clients to the new locale.” Stated Owner, Jon Rivera. 

The new location is off Embarcadero Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA near the well-known El Dorado Saloon. “A fantastic corner location with high visibility, great parking and wonderful amenities nearby.” Continued Rivera. 

A grand opening event will be held on Wednesday November 11, 2015 and feature $1 haircuts all day. Proceeds will benefit The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation. 

Their phone number, website and social media sites will all remain the same. 

Barber Jon’s has been on literally ever “Best of” list for years and regularly makes headlines and new casts with it’s very flamboyant and charitable Owner Jon Rivera. 

When not providing the best haircuts in the region, the shop is always connecting with the community on charitable fundraisers and social events. “Giving back to the community is big for us. I’ve seen my own struggles and connect with those in need. Furthermore, we simply have a genuine desire to be connected and engaged with own valued customers and the communities they live in.“ 


Barber Jon first opened the World Famous Barber Shop in 1995 with a vision for more than just cutting people’s hair. He wanted to create a gathering place for the community where everyone is welcome, and when they leave, they can’t wait to come back. World Famous Barber Jon’s is a place where you hear your name called when you come through the door.
Parents wouldn’t dream of taking their kids elsewhere. Businessmen, firemen, policemen, politicians, news anchors and community pillars are all found right here atWorld Famous Barber Jon’s.
Barber Jon is proud to be curator of El Dorado Hills’ only Museum of Curiosities and Oddities. Housed in the back room of the barber shop, the museum is a collection of rare, unique and collectible items that will stagger the mind. Take a peek inside and see things that will stagger the imagination.
Check out the museum’s collection of historical artifacts, photos of strange and unusual things, other-worldly finds and hints of the bizarre. You’ll find aboriginal shrunken heads, an authentic jackalope and what most people assume are the remains of a Fiji Mermaid. Free admission with a haircut.
The museum has recently been called one of the Weirdest Museums on Earth by Fox News.

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