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Meet Your El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Presidents

10/02/2015 09:38AM ● Published by David Norby

Chances are, you don’t know a lot about your local chamber of commerce executives, so we decided to introduce you to the dynamic people who celebrate local businesses and residents on a daily basis. Read on for a Q&A with two of the most influential people in the area to see what they envision for our community now and in the future.

Laurel Brent-Bumb, CEO/President of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce

What you love about El Dorado County: Its people and pioneer spirit.

Goals for the El Dorado County Chamber: To continue to be a strong advocate for business while helping our existing businesses thrive and encourage new business to join our community.

The next five years for El Dorado County: My crystal ball says more living-wage jobs and continued quality education while developing affordable housing for our young families.

Vision and priorities: [Strive to keep a] truly business-friendly environment, focus on business retention and, most importantly, the protection of our agricultural community.

Wendell Smith, Operations Manager of the Shingle Springs/ Cameron Park Chamber of Commerce

What you love about Shingle Springs and Cameron Park: The small town-feel and how it’s urban but with lots of open space; also, the nice neighborhoods, good shopping, plethora of restaurants and good medical facilities. 

Goals for the Shingle Springs Cameron Park Chamber: Promote and retain existing businesses, encourage business growth, develop business leaders, grow the membership and build Shingle Springs and Cameron Park as a destination.

The next five years for Shingle Springs and Cameron Park: Continue to be the place to live, by building sustainable recreation facilities and being youth friendly and developing stronger identification of our Gold Rush heritage; also, significant development in our business park with a “mixed-use concept,” growth in family-friendly housing, dramatic direction in trails (pedestrian and bike), significant increase in “walkability” by adding sidewalks, and strong community connectivity.

Vision and priorities: Connectivity to Highway 50 via improved exits, parallel roads and infrastructure; development that identifies the Greater Park Area as a community—sidewalks, bike paths, flags, etc.; “community building” with a strong partnership with the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians; and business, commercial and industrial development to meet every business need and related “stay-at-home” jobs.

Laurel Brent-Bumb photo by Dante Fontana. Other photo courtesy of the Shingle Springs/Cameron Park Chamber.

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