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2015 Readers' Choice Awards: Health, Community & Activities

09/29/2015 05:35PM ● Published by David Norby

Favorite Gym/Health Club 

1. Powerhouse Gym 

2. Snap Fitness 

3. Anytime Fitness Placerville 

Honorable mention: Lord’s Gym 

Favorite Yoga Instructor 

1. Jennifer Heape at Fitness Solutions Personal Training Studio 

2. Sara Valentine at Snap Fitness 

3. TIE: Lynda Kelly at Energetic Care Wellness AND Gretta Smith at Ohana Moon Yoga

Favorite Kids’ Activity 

1. Storytime at the El Dorado County Library 

2. Placerville Aquatic Center 

3. Cameron Park Lake 

Favorite Kids’ Birthday Party Spot 

1. Pizza Factory 

2. Steve Wallen Swim School 

3. All Star Gymnastics & Cheer 

Favorite Museum 

1. Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park 

2. Hangtown’s Gold Bug Park & Mine 

3. El Dorado County Historical Museum 

Favorite Golf Course 

1. Cold Springs Golf & Country Club 

2. Apple Mountain Golf Resort 

3. Bass Lake Golf Course 

Favorite Dance Studio 

1. Jammin’ Dance and Fitness 

2. Foothills Dance and Performing Arts 

3. On Stage Productions 

Favorite Acupuncturist 

1. Ben Ling, MD 

2. Wendy Stedeford, MSAOM, LAc 

3. Bruce Boldon, MA, LAc 

Honorable mentions: Alex Tuggle, LAc, MSTCM, AND Lauren Laks, LAc 

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures 

1. Reginald Rice, MD. 

2. Sherellen Gerhart, MD 

3. Christa Clark, MD 

Favorite Dance Instructor 

1. Kay Lenhart at Jammin’ Dance and Fitness 

2. Jennifer Costello at Foothills Dance and Performing Arts 

3. Sherri Scher at On Stage Productions 

Favorite Personal Trainer 

1. Stacy Alway at Powerhouse Gym 

2. Jessica Miller at Action Potential Personal Training Studio 

3. Jennifer Heape at Fitness Solutions Personal Training Studio 

Favorite Health Foods/Nutrition Shop 

1. Max Muscle 

2. Placerville Natural Foods Co-Op 

3. Cameron Park Health Foods 

Favorite Martial Arts Studio 

1. TIE: Foothill Taekwondo AND Kovar’s Satori Academy 

2. Elite Taekwondo USA 

3. Gold Country Martial Arts 

Favorite Martial Arts Instructor 

1. Bob Westphal at Foothill Taekwondo 

2. Scott Newman at New Man’s Karate 

3. Jeramy Sipes at Kovar’s Satori Academy 

Favorite Yoga Studio 

1. Main St. Yoga 

2. Snap Fitness – Shingle Springs 

3. Smith Flat House Center for Health 

Honorable mentions: Ohana Moon Yoga AND Sol Flow Yoga Studio 

Favorite Pilates Studio 

1. Snap Fitness 

2. Energetic Care Studio 

3. Sierra Ballet and Pilates 

Honorable mention: Fit & Well PILATES 

Favorite Pilates Instructor 

1. Karen Pledger at El Dorado Hills Sports Club 

2. Kristen Loving at Sierra Ballet and Pilates 

3. Donna Fettig at Fit & Well PILATES 

Favorite Physical Therapist 

1. Steve Harrity at Cameron Park Physical Therapy & Wellness Center 

2. Lori Adams at Fitzpatrick Physical Therapy 

3. Michael Daack at Advanced Physical Therapy 

A very close #4 – Erin Le Blanc at Fitzpatrick Physical Therapy 

Favorite Chiropractor 

1. Lorin G. Farr, DC 

2. Petrice Foxworthy, DC 

3. TIE: John Taylor, DC, AND June Scofield, DC 

Photo courtesy of Marshall Medical Center

Favorite Pediatrician 

1. Ulrich Hacker, MD 

2. Nicole Shorrock, MD 

3. TIE: Elizabeth Peterson, MD, AND Brett Christiansen, MD 

Favorite General Practitioner 

1. Mark Holthouse, MD 

2. Gerardo Galang, MD 

3. William Barley, MD 

Favorite Doctor 

1. Taylor Vance, MD 

2. Michael Jones, MD 

3. Kenneth Nelson, MD 

Honorable mention: Matthew Watson, MD, MPH 

Favorite Dermatologist 

1. Bruce Miller, MD 

2. TIE: David Bruce, DO AND David No, MD, PhD 

3. Karen Bissell, MD, FAAD 

Favorite Eye Doctor 

1. Shawn McDonald, OD 

2. Ronald Evans, MD 

3. TIE: Leilani Norton, MD, AND Dan Morill, OD 

Favorite Mental Health Professional 

1. Katherine Tuttle, PhD 

2. Jill Gustafson, LCSW 

3. TIE: Kay Williams, MA, MFT AND Carrie Getz, PsyD 

Favorite Marriage/Family Counselor 

1. Lori Larson, MFT 

2. Toby Landis, PhD 

3. Quinn Bruce, PhD, MFT 

Favorite Dental Practice 

1. Cold Springs Dental 

2. Placerville Dental Group 

3. John F. Adams, D.D.S. & Nathan J. Adams, D.D.S.

Favorite Dentist 

1. William B. Couch, DMD 

2. Douglas Stadler, DDS 

3. Nathan Adams, DDS 

Favorite Orthodonist 

1. Christian Hoybjerg, DDS, MS 

2. Daryl Proctor, DDS, MS 

3. Matthew Sanders, DDS, MS 

Favorite Oral Surgeon 

1. Jason Straw, DDS 

2. David McIntire, DDS 

3. Donald Liberty, DDS 

Favorite Pediatric Dentist 

1. Penny Dodson, DDS 

2. Victoria Sullivan, DDS 

3. Jared Danielson, DDS 

Favorite Spiritual Leader 

1. Ken Burkey at Green Valley Community Church 

2. Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber at Spiritual Center for Positive Living 

3. David Cooke at Cold Springs Community Church 

Favorite Local Hero 

1. Our police and firemen! 

2. Volunteers at Fat Kitty City 

3. Volunteers at Snowline Hospice 

Favorite Local Businessperson 

1. Jenni Lynn at Jenni Lynn Boutique 

2. Gene Gillihan at Gilly’s Radiator Repair Shop 

3. Alisa Troise at RE/MAX Gold Cameron Park 

Favorite Local Athlete 

1. Fernando Esparza 

2. Justin Beckham 

3. Dakota Gautier 

Favorite Civic Leader 

1. Wendy Thomas 

2. Sheriff John D’Agostini 

3. Laurel Brent-Baum 

Favorite Annual Event 

1. El Dorado County Fair 

2. Bell Tower Brewfest 

3. Placerville Art & Wine Festival 

Honorable mention: Highway 50 Association Wagon Train 

Favorite Local Artist 

1. Pam Findleton 

2. Gloria Vernon 

3. Mike Bagdonas 

Favorite Local Performing Arts Organization

1. Imagination Theater 

2. El Dorado Musical Theatre 

3. TIE: Studio 81 AND Theatre at the Mine’15 

Favorite Local Musician/Band 

1. Patrick Walsh 

2. Element of Soul 

3. Island of Black and White 

A very close #4 (only one vote behind!): The Random Strangers 

Honorable mentions: Mike Lenhart and Anderson-Gram 

Favorite Tutoring Service 

1. Ways that Work 

2. Tucker Tutoring Plus 

3. EZ Tutoring 

A very close #4: Education Express, Inc. 

Favorite Preschool 

1. His Kids Christian Preschool 

2. Cameron Park Montessori 

3. Placerville Preschoolers 

Favorite Private School 

1. California Montessori Project – Shingle Springs Campus 

2. Providence Christian School 

3. Cedar Springs Waldorf School 

Favorite Athletic Coach 

1. Ken Flickenger 

2. Dwayne Brekke 

3. Chris Felton 

Favorite Teacher 

1. Paul Tomei at El Dorado High School 

2. Ashley Deubel at Indian Creek Elementary 

3. Marilyn Anderson at El Dorado Adventist School 

Honorable mentions: Pete Miller at Union Mine High School and Ryan Pullen at Union Mine High School 

Favorite Charitable Organization 

1. Snowline Hospice 

2. Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode 

3. El Dorado County Habitat for Humanity 

Favorite Place to Volunteer 

1. Food Bank of El Dorado County 

2. Green Valley Community Church 

3. Snowline Hospice 

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