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Foodie Find: Gold Harvest Market Serving Great Sandwiches in Shingle Springs

08/25/2015 02:27PM ● Published by Adrianna Valencia

Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Anot-so-hidden staple in the hills of Shingle Springs, Gold Harvest Market serves up tasty breakfast and lunch sandwiches for both regular customers and out-of-towners stopping by to fuel up. And, like all local favorites should, the busy cooks behind the counter offer a side of friendly conversation and hospitality as you order, making a newbie like me feel like one of the patrons. When I asked which sub was superlative, oneFoodie Find: Pure Life Juice Company in Historic Folsom of the cooks responded that if I’m looking for a meal with a lot of meat, I should try the Steak Sandwich, which comes complete with grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, avocado and mayo. I nodded my head with a confident “yes please,” and he whipped me up a lunch big enough to feed two hungry adults. Complete with a giant fountain drink (I decided on iced tea) for only $5.99, I could undoubtedly see why this place is so popular. What could be better than a huge meal for only a few bucks? Oh I know: the sandwich itself! Juicy chunks of steak mingled with zesty grilled onions, and the mayo-avocado combo made my taste buds jump for joy. Gold Harvest Market knows how to feed its customers and keep them coming back for more. Gold Harvest Market, 4021 Mother Lode Drive, Shingle Springs, 530-677-5800.

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