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Artist Charles Munroe of Pollock Pines is One to Watch

08/25/2015 02:26PM ● Published by Style

Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Gallery: Charles Munroe - Artwork photos courtesy of the artists [4 Images] Click any image to expand.

Drawing and painting on the unusual medium of gourds, Charles Munroe expertly works with their organic elements, down to the texture and grain, unique contour and shape, and even the blemishes. As a result, he creates three-dimensional works of art that capture the history and culture, while also preserving the people and traditions, of the Washoe tribe. Having played the harmonica for years and dabbling in guitar, the Pollock Pines resident has always been drawn to art.

HLB: What are you currently working on? 

CM: I’ve been exploring oil on panels and canvas, fueling my desire for expression that, for decades, has been bound up inside me. I also find joy and tranquility in working on gourds and drums with pencils and gouache. There’s a place inside me where I travel back and forth between contrast and color. My goal is to create vibrant, distinctive, almost renaissance-like experiences for the viewer, and my hope is to bring a supernatural feeling to every painting, every created piece.  

HLB: What inspires you most? 

CM: The idea that art can help revive dying cultures, bring about positive change, and heal people’s lives. Using my art to help preserve the Washoe culture is a perfect example. 

HLB: Who or what are your major influences?

CM: The innovative mind and creativity of my father who was an accomplished commercial artist. Also Salvador Dali, for his ability to think and express outside the norm. Seeing the growth in my own art over the years inspires me the most!  

HLB: How do you avoid artist’s block? 

CM: I’m always working on two or three pieces in various stages—even different mediums—at any given time. This allows flexibility in growth and helps prevent stagnation. Keep moving on something creative every day for at least one hour—this will help build consistency and keep you going. Stopping for prolonged periods is like trying to jump-start an old car with a worn-down battery.

by Heather L. Becker 

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