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Turn Back the Years at Vitality Medical Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine

07/28/2015 03:43PM ● Published by Brenna McGowan

Forty is the new 30, right? Well—tell that to my face! My regular cleansing and moisturizing regime needed some assistance, so my solution was to visit Vitality Medical Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine’s website to research some facial reprieve.

Vitality Medical Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine is owned by Dr. Celia Remy and offers a wide-range of products and services, such as laser hair removal and vein treatments, Smartlipo Triplex and TickleLipo (forms of liposuction), botox, dermal fillers and more! Dr. Remy is also trained in stem cell therapies.

Looking for a non-invasive facial pick-me-up, I perused their skin treatments online. The first one on the list was microdermabrasion. I read what microdermabrasion does for one’s appearance, and it addressed my major concerns: cleans out pores, check; improves texture and tone, check, check; softens fine lines and wrinkles, check, check, check. Microdermabrasion also brightens skin’s appearance, removes dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of sun damage, check times six! Also included in the treatment package is a light chemical peel, which Vitality says will maximize results. Sign me up!

I phoned Vitality’s office, and was pleased that I could choose from two convenient locations, Folsom or Roseville. Folsom is closer for me, so I chose that locale and booked my appointment with ease. I was given the choice to do a treatment for just my face, or also include my neck and chest area. I quickly decided that all three areas of this body were in need of attention.

One question I asked Vitality’s friendly esthetician was, “What is the difference between microdermabrasion and a regular facial?” She explained that microdermabrasion resurfaces your face by removing the top layer of skin. She also said that it builds collagen and elastin, which improves the appearance of your face. And finally, she cautioned me to make sure to wear sunscreen after the procedure, and advised me that wearing sunscreen EVERY day is one of the best things anyone can do for one's complexion. Good advice!

When my appointment was finished, I was so relaxed…talk about feeling pampered! Excited about my results, I checked myself out in the mirror (my esthetician did note that my skin might be a little pink after the treatment, but that pinkness would dissipate throughout the day). The results were outstanding! My face, without make-up, was vibrant! The tone of my complexion looked even, my face smooth. 

If you are looking for an affordable face enhancement that requires no down time, check out the options at Vitality Medical Stem Cell & Aesthetic Medicine. You can find their entire list of services and products on And, be sure to like them on Facebook ( to stay on top of current promotions and news.

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