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Diamond Springs Dentist Explains Pros and Cons of Oral Sedation

06/01/2015 08:28AM ● By Style

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Q: When is oral sedation recommended and what does it involve?

A:   Sedation is a great option for individuals who experience anxiety at the dental office. Sedation options range from nitrous oxide to full general anesthesia. Oral sedation involves taking a pill (Valium and Halcion are the most commonly used) 30 minutes to one hour before your dental appointment; this helps the patient stay relaxed during dental procedures and, in some cases, can help patients who have a sensitive gag reflex. It is required, however, that the patient has a ride to and from the dental office. Ask your dentist if this is a good option for you!

Ryan Easterbrook, DDS
493 Main Street, Suite C
Diamond Springs, 530-626-5810

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