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The Cast Musical Band Still Rocking Northern California

06/01/2015 09:36AM ● By Heather Becker

Top (L to R): Terry Allwein, Jim Goodman and Tony Galioto Bottom: Sana Christian - Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Like many from his generation and those to follow, Jim Goodman’s first major musical influence was the Beatles. 

“To this day, I remember—over 50 years ago—watching The Ed Sullivan Show on our little black and white television in the living room,” says Goodman. “Seeing the Beatles was what really got me going with my music.” 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Goodman—the leader and original member of The Cast Musical Band—moved to the center of the music scene in Nashville with his original rock group, Southern Steel. During his years with them he produced an undistributed album of original songs, but seeking more stability left the group to join The Cast—a road band based out of New York City.  

Goodman was fortunate to tour all across the U.S. with The Cast but time and time again, he found himself drawn toward the West Coast—perhaps because that’s where many of his favorite bands, including The Byrds, Eagles and Buffalo Springfield, originated from.

After nearly four years of touring, Goodman knew it was time to give up his quest of being a rock star and start pursuing a family instead. So in 1978, he chose to get off the bus for good and settled in Sacramento to plant roots. “Our last gig was in Fairfield. I remember thinking, ‘This is California?’” Goodman says. “After talking to some agents, I decided on Sacramento over Los Angeles or San Francisco. It’s big enough that there’s always something going on but small enough that you don’t get lost.” 

With the help of original drummer-producer Tony Galioto, Goodman has kept several different versions of The Cast together over the years, ever since half of its members returned to the East Coast in 1982. In its modern inception, the band consists of Goodman and Galioto, along with Sana Christian and Terry Allwein—who’ve performed with the band for the last 14 years. They now have four albums featuring Goodman’s original songs available for purchase through their website, and can be seen (and heard) locally at Woodcreek Golf Club and next month’s Folsom Bikers Against Child Abuse event on July 11.

Goodman and his family now live in the beautiful countryside of Shingle Springs on 12 acres overlooking the Sierra Nevada. A change of scenery most likely influenced his music over the years, as The Cast has transitioned away from its rock ’n’ roll roots to a more country feel. 

“Looking for more authenticity, I drifted toward modern country music from rock,” says Goodman. “Country, along with the tunes from the ’60s and ’70s, is very melodic and earthy. We kind of lost that when rock became glam and glittery and everyone needed gimmicks.”

With his touring days far behind him, there’s not a lot about actual road life Goodman misses. Although he remembers his time with The Cast fondly, hopping from city to city and from climate to climate, it often left the singer-songwriter sick from allergies, colds and loneliness. 

“The struggle of it all is stressful and not very glamorous,” Goodman says. “Now I do it all simply for the love of doing it—not for making a living.”

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