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El Dorado Crafters Guild Sharing Art From the Heart

05/14/2015 01:32PM ● By Amber Foster

Nancy Wong, Mary Stewart and Karly Stewart–Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Crafters—an often-overlooked group of artists—are also the most accessible producers of contemporary art.

Their work can be found everywhere—from small local businesses to large craft fairs and boutique showcases. Handcrafted wares, including jewelry, clothing and home décor, are a reflection of the broader trends in the art and fashion world; yet finding a source of support and connection can be nearly impossible for these masters of artistic convention. 

Thankfully, the El Dorado Crafters Guild brings together those previously left to wander aimlessly in search of alliance with their peers. Nancy Wong, along with her husband, Anthony, formed the El Dorado Crafters Guild (EDCG) in 2013. She explains, “The guild is a network for local crafters. We share ideas, support each other in new ventures, and share information about upcoming events.”

Wong had been making handmade crafts her entire life, but didn’t start selling them at local craft fairs until 2011. She had grown up with parents who were crafters so was well-versed on the benefits of camaraderie between the artists, as her parents were members of the El Sobrante Crafters Guild. When she tried to find a similar organization for herself, the search proved fruitless. “During the first few years, I looked for an organization similar to the one my parents belonged to and was unable to find one, so my husband created the El Dorado Crafters Guild,” she says.  

The EDCG is a thriving group of over 100 crafters and artisans helping each other to promote, educate and disseminate information about opportunities, tricks of the trade, and even laws and regulations regarding the production and sale of handmade wares. Membership to the EDCG has few stipulations, requiring only that the artist or crafter lives in El Dorado County and their items be handmade. Currently functioning entirely on Facebook, in order to make the group accessible to as many crafters as possible, the guild is a boon to both the novice and the veteran crafter.
With high hopes on the horizon for an upcoming holiday boutique, Wong encourages crafters—even those who only consider themselves hobbyists—to join and utilize the information and ideas available to them. She stresses the welcoming and supportive environment of the guild as the biggest asset to members. “The most important thing [for crafters to know] about the El Dorado Crafters Guild is that it is truly a crafters’ network. We have a lot of knowledgeable and talented people who are members.”

For more information, visit the El Dorado Crafters Guild on Facebook.

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