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Style El Dorado County Foothills

Facts 'N Figures

05/05/2015 03:13PM ● By Style


The year that Folsom residents near Lake Natoma reported a “rain of fish” to the local newspaper. The pescatarian precipitation was preceded by a great gust of wind, so it’s likely that—rather than a gift from the heavens—the poor startled fish were caught up in a freak waterspout.


Acres of lakes in El Dorado County. The county also boasts over 575 miles of rivers and streams, is home to more than 20 species of fish, and provides 10 major reservoirs.


Months that El Dorado Hills-based Mraz Brewing Company had been in business before winning gold medals at the California State Fair Craft Brew Competition. Their Flanders Red Ale “The Cardinal” and “Window of Opportunity” Belgian Tripel Ale both brought home the prize.

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