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Sierra Wildlife Rescue's Baby Bird Nursery May Soon Close Without Your Help

05/05/2015 12:40PM ● By Brenna McGowan
Sierra Wildlife Rescue’s Baby Bird Nursery opened on May 2, but is so short of volunteers to feed the babies this year that it may have to close its doors before the end of the month.

SWR has been feeding and caring for orphaned and injured nestlings and fledglings since its inception in 1992, and the nursery currently takes in over 500 baby birds annually.
Unfortunately, the number of volunteers has steadily declined in recent years, and this year there is still a critical need for numerous additional volunteers.  

Anyone who wishes to can sign up for two or four-hour shifts, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., any day of the week, from approximately May through July. 

You can choose your own schedule, and management at the nursery will accommodate your needs.

Young people 16 years of age or older are welcome to help, but must be supervised by a responsible adult; those 17 and older may feed the babies.  The nursery is located at SWR’s Wildlife Center, 3030 Newtown Rd, Placerville. Classes on caring for the birds are no longer available this year, but hands-on training is offered at the Center every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. 

Caring for orphaned or injured nestlings or fledglings is a wonderful way to help El Dorado County wildlife and to learn about the fascinating lives of foothill songbirds, game birds (including baby quail and turkeys), and other species.    

If you would like to volunteer for the nursery, please sign up for the training by contacting Barbara Barker at 530-621-2650 or at    

If any member of the public finds any type of orphaned or injured baby bird, please call 530-621-2020, if possible, before bringing it in to the nursery.  For injured adult birds, call 530-621-4661, and you will be directed to an appropriate rehabber. 

The baby birds need you, and SWR hopes you will help them meet this critical need by volunteering some of your time to care for the babies! For more information, please visit

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