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Placerville Police Going Green with New Motorcycle

04/21/2015 02:46PM ● By Steven Jack

The Zero motorcycle now used by the Placerville Police Department produces no emissions.

The Placerville Police Department is going green with the purchase of a new Zero all-electric motorcycle. 

The Zero motorcycle is fully electric and designed for police to patrol the trails and streets in a cost effective manner. The dual purpose motorcycle will give the Placerville Police Department the advantage when patrolling the expanding trail that traverses throughout Placerville or navigating the hillsides to increase public safety.

The new unit is nearly silent and produces zero emissions when in operation. The motorcycle has a regenerative braking system, and can go about 164 miles on a single charge. The upkeep for the bike is about 2 cents per mile compared to 63 cents per mile for conventional motorcycles.

Zero motorcycles can be plugged into a standard outlet and they come with a “quick charge” feature that would allow a fast boost when necessary (i.e. parades, enforcement checkpoints, special enforcement details, etc.).

“This motorcycle combined with our bike patrol units will maximize public safety on the trails and increase positive interactions between officers and the public we serve," said Commander Kim Nida who oversees the Traffic Section of PPD.


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