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Meet the Riders – Erin Simmons

03/26/2015 03:59PM ● By Style

Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Style of riding you do: Road biking

How long you’ve been riding: 41 years

Type of bike you ride: Road bike (Trek Madone); mountain bike (Trek Mamba)

Why you enjoy riding: It helps maintain youthfulness and vigor.

Involvement with any local groups/clubs? Placerville Bike Shop and local riders I have met over the years.

Gear you can’t live without: A good pair of cycling shorts with thick seat padding, properly fitting cycling shoes and pedals, and tires that can withstand many miles and tough roads.

Biggest safety tip: Wear a helmet, reflective clothing, tail and headlights at dusk, and always be aware of your surroundings (vigilant)!

Favorite local ride/route/trail: Perry Creek Road, Slug Gulch, Big Cut Road, and Rock Bridge Road (near Swansboro); mixing and matching hills and flats to keep the muscles guessing.

Favorite mid- or post-ride fuel: Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Bar, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, and Hammer Gels; drinks: Cycto Max Fruit Punch, water, and GlycoJect Wild Berry.

Advice to someone who wants to start riding: Preparing to ride can begin with a simple walk the dog around the block. Fitness for even those without much talent can start anytime you feel the need. Find a bike that fits your body type properly (a reputable bike shop, such as Placerville Bike, can help you achieve this) and is a style of bike for the type of riding you intend to do. Keep fluids on board so you can stay hydrated, and try not to ride beyond your abilities at first so that your awareness of skill develops. Before you know it, muscle memory will start to come alive for bike handling and cardio pulmonary stability. At first, taking many short rides—two to five miles, for example—is better than one ride per week that wears you out.

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