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Meet the Riders – Chris Lim

03/26/2015 02:35PM ● By Style

Chris Lim – Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Style of riding you do and what that means to you: Urban commuting, which to me means taking life one pedal at a time.

How long you’ve been riding: I took my first ride as a young child, and I’ve been riding my current bike for the past seven years, mainly commuting to work, school and social gatherings.

Chris Lim – Photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group


Type of bike you ride: A single-speed fixed gear (2007 Mongoose Maurice)

Why you enjoy riding: I like the freedom of riding—it brings me back to being a kid again. I also don’t miss the parking tickets.

Involvement with any local groups/clubs: Friendship Cup at McKinley Park (a group of us ride to the park to meet up for friendly games of soccer and Frisbee). On occasion, I attend BikeParty Sacramento, which is held the first Friday of every month. Attendees (of all ages and abilities) meet at a different location each month, deck their bikes out in neon lights and speakers and take over the streets (different routes are chosen each month).

Gear you can’t live without: I can’t live without my Mission Workshop backpack. It has enough room for everyday use and is waterproof—keeping items dry during a downpour. 

Biggest safety tip: When riding next to parked cars, allow yourself enough room, in case a door flies open. Also, just because you have a helmet on, doesn’t mean you should take more risks and/or not follow the rules.

Favorite local ride/route/trail: The American River Trail (from Sacramento State into Folsom) is always a beautiful ride. I also enjoy riding around the Midtown Sacramento area.

Favorite mid- or post-ride fuel: I enjoy a nice pint of beer or an “Elvis” sandwich (peanut butter and banana) after a ride.

Advice to someone who wants to start riding: Ride more often—even if it’s a short ride. It doesn’t matter if it’s for half a mile or 10 miles, all that matters is you’re hitting the road, and getting outside to feel the breeze.

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