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Marvel Universe LIVE! Explodes in Sacramento This Weekend

03/13/2015 04:06PM ● By Brenna McGowan

As we arrived to see Marvel Universe LIVE!, I couldn’t help but notice the buzz in the air.  There were children and adults of all ages there to do one thing--watch their favorite super heroes kick some evil villain behind, and that is exactly what we did! Is there anything better then watching your favorite super heroes save the universe right before your own eyes? Let me answer that--heck NO!

From the moment I sat down in my seat I was captivated by the live super hero show! Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Wolverine, Spiderman and so many more working together to disassemble Loki’s evil plans to rule the world!

As the heroes fight to find their friends and save us all from the villain’s doom you are with them every step of the way. From climbing snow covered mountains, to standing on the top of the Statue of Liberty you can’t help but feel awesome! 

With so much to see you will not want to take your eyes off the performance in front of you. Dirt bike jumps, wheelies and flips. Things are on fire. BOOM!!!! An explosion over here, a punch and tackle over there--my nephew, Jack, and I couldn’t get enough. At one point Jack looked over at me with eyes as wide baseballs and said, “There is just so much cool stuff to watch you can’t even keep track.”

I left there knowing one thing and one thing only--I need to become a super hero ASAP, any other career from here on out will just not do! Take it from a media critic, or more importantly, my 12 year old nephew, this is not a show you and your family will want to miss!

You can catch Marvel Universe LIVE! this weekend, now through March 15th, in Sacramento at the Sleep Train Arena.

For tickets and more information visit

Post written by Cait Herrera. PIcture courtesy of Marvel Universe LIVE!

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