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El Dorado Hills Sushi Spot Doesn't Disappoint

02/26/2015 02:34PM ● Published by Style

Spider Roll – Photos by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

Gallery: Umi Sushi – DINE – March '15 [3 Images] Click any image to expand.

I’m a devout sushi lover, but I’m also a creature of habit, so I was a teeny bit nervous about trying a new sushi place. On the other hand: sushi! (It’s hard to beat that argument—it wins every time.)

I work in Folsom and Umi is just a quick trip up the hill, perfect for a lunch break. Inside, the eatery is chic and modern with a relaxed vibe and lots of natural light. The best part? Service is fast and friendly.

After sitting down, I was given complimentary edamame. Talk about a good first impression, and a sign that I might be coming here a lot.

I normally opt for sashimi, but since I was abnormally hungry on the day of my visit, I chose the Spicy Tuna roll and Umi’s five-piece Spider roll, which featured crispy soft-shell crab (deep fried in tempura), cucumber, daikon sprouts, avocado and masago.

My favorite thing about the Spicy Tuna offering was an unexpected hint of garlic, which I’ve never encountered before and immediately loved. The spiciness wasn’t overpowering either, and there’s plenty of cucumber in the roll for that delicious fresh crunch.

The Spider roll, first of all, was a thing of beauty! The sculptural plating and artful application of sauces was more than a little bit breathtaking. So much so that it was almost a shame to put it into my hungry mouth, but it tasted so good that the guilt passed very quickly.

The hot, deep-fried crunch of crab with the cool, crisp cucumber and creamy avocado, mixed with peppery daikon sprouts made every bite as good as the next; if I hadn’t been full to my eyeballs by the time I finished, I would have cried for more.

The final icing on the meal came when my friendly waitress brought orange segments, on the house, to cleanse my palate. How can you not love that? It looks like this devoted creature of habit has a new (dueling) favorite sushi-lunch spot.

Umi Sushi, 1121 White Rock Road, Suite 205, El Dorado Hills, 916-586-9444.

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