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Oak Ridge High School Junior Impacting Student Life

02/11/2015 09:07AM ● By Steven Jack

Oak Ridge High School Junior Gabriel Garcia participates in a recent meeting of the El Dorado Union High School District School Board. (Submitted photo)

It has already turned dark outside, and the El Dorado Union High School District school board members begin to file into the board room to join several dozen observers of a regular meeting.

The members organize their papers to the sound of 
rain and proceed with the agenda. Everything appears pretty standard at first glance, and then you notice the stately, young adult seated at the head table next to these prominent community leaders. 

Junior Gabriel Garcia attends Oak Ridge High School every day relentlessly dedicated to his education, completes a full day of classes and enjoys the camaraderie with his teachers, administrators and his peers. 

 also executes the crucial role of the school board’s student member, providing a strong student voice and a special perspective to the other board members. He was named as the student board member after a comprehensive application process, which included interviews with board members, administrators, teachers and student representatives from the other high schools in the district. 

 is a fully acting board member who continuously researches policy and relevant issues, gains input from peers and student leaders, conducts site visits and votes on agenda items at board meetings.

“Gabe’s involvement in policy decisions helps us 
make the right choices that benefit those who are impacted by them throughout the district,” Board President Kevin Brown said. “This experience also produces lessons-learned that will help Gabe now and in the future.” 

Garcia agrees on the lessons he’s learning, “My collaboration with the school board members has taught me invaluable, real-life skills such as policy analysis, information synthesis, diplomacy and much more,” he said. “I always look forward to reaching out to students, sharing their thoughts and ideas with the school board and reporting back after action has been taken.”  

Garcia also meets weekly with Oak Ridge Principal Paul Burke to gain valuable insight and enhance the partnership between students and administration.

“Gabe is the common thread that brings everything together and ties us to the 
larger EDUHSD community. He is an incredible liaison to the board and serves the stakeholders of our district admirably,” 

Garcia looks forward to his senior year and wants to pursue a career in the medical field after graduation.

“I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity to contribute to the framework and foundation of the EDUHSD. The knowledge I have gained will not be forgotten.”


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