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Facts 'N Figures

01/29/2015 03:50PM ● By Style

Photo courtesy of the Online Archive of California.


The number of signatures on a petition sent to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by the inmates at Folsom Prison on December 8, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the petition, the prisoners offered their services “in any branch of the military service in which we may be needed and useful,” asking that FDR reexamine the rules of enlistment to allow their parole for military service.

35,000 ACRES

The size of the land grant acquired by William Alexander Leidesdorff from the Mexican government in 1844, extending from east Sacramento all the way along the American River to the eastern end of Folsom, including Rancho Cordova and the City of Folsom today. Leidesdorff was the nation’s first African-American diplomat, a successful merchant, businessman and pioneer. He died suddenly at the young age of 38, in 1848.


The year the Rattlesnake Bar suspension bridge across the American River near Folsom supposedly collapsed, caused by an overweight truck full of manure. The site of the bridge was flooded in 1956 with the Folsom Dam project, but the foundation is still visible today when the levels are low.

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