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Style El Dorado County Foothills

Facts 'N Figures

12/29/2014 04:39PM ● By Style


Acres of developed land for parks in Folsom—wide-open spaces everywhere you look! There’s a total of 43 parks, 20 baseball/softball fields, 18 outdoor basketball courts, 14 soccer fields…and 11 maids a milking, seven swans a swimming and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay I lied about the last three. There’s lots of ducks a swimming though…


Number of executions by hanging performed at Folsom State Prison. The first execution was on December 13, 1895, with the last taking place on December 3, 1937.


The year PT Barnum began displaying his legendary “Fiji Mermaid”—a startling circus sideshow exhibit that was part monkey, part fish. Supposedly destroyed in a fire in 1860, the Fiji Mermaid is now a legend. You can see it for yourself, along with a jackalope, in El Dorado Hills at Barber Jon’s Museum of Curiosities and Oddities!

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