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2013 Readers' Choice Favorite Food & Drink Winners

09/30/2013 07:47AM ● By Style

Photography by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group

Favorite Bakery

1.    Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant & Bakery
2.    Sugar Lillie Bakery
3.    Sierra Rizing

Favorite Ice Cream/Frozen Treat Place

1.    Zia’s
2.    Cold Stone Creamery
3.    Whistle Stop Yogurt

Favorite Smoothie Place

1.    Cozmic Café & Pub
2.    The Bean Barn
3.    Caffe Santoro

Favorite Pizza Place

1.    Pizza Plus
2.    Brick Oven Pub
3.    Papa Murphy’s

Grimaud Farms Duck Breast at Taste

Favorite Overall Restaurant

1.    Taste
2.    Heyday Café
3.    Bricks Eats & Drinks
Editor’s Note: This category was extremely tight on votes—only a few votes separated the top five restaurants! Very close to the top three: The Independent and ZacJack Bistro.

Favorite Breakfast Place

1.    Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant & Bakery
2.    Diamond Springs Hotel
3.    Train Station Coffee Shop

Favorite BBQ Place

1.    Back Forty Texas BBQ
2.    Hog Wild BBQ
3.    Sierra Smokehouse BBQ

Spicy Basil Chicken at Taste of Thai

Favorite Thai Restaurant

1.    Taste of Thai
2.    Thai Basil
3.    Chantara Thai Cuisine

Favorite Sushi/Japanese Restaurant

1.    Shilla Teriyaki & Sushi Bar
2.    Twin’s Sushi
3.    Amerikan Ichi Sushi

Favorite Mexican Restaurant

1.    Casa Ramos
2.    Fresh Mex Express Mexican Grill
3.    Cascada Restaurant & Cantina

Favorite Chinese Restaurant

1.    China City
2.    Hong Kong Inn
3.    Diamond Chinese

Favorite Steakhouse

1.    Henry’s Steakhouse
2.    Fifty Grand Steakhouse
3.    Café Mahjaic
Honorable Mention: The Snooty Frog

Custom-made burger at ZacJack Bistro

Favorite Brunch Place

1.     ZacJack Bistro
2.     Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant & Bakery
3.     Sienna Restaurant

Favorite Seafood Restaurant

1.    Powell’s Steamer Co. & Pub
2.    New Haven Restaurant
3.    The Snooty Frog

Favorite Indian Restaurant

1.    India House
2.    Chicago Pizza & Burgers
3.    Curry Club

Favorite Place to Get Vegetarian Food

1.    Cozmic Café & Pub
2.    Heyday Café
3.    Bricks Eats & Drinks

Favorite Deli

1.    Gularte’s Diamond Deli & Pizza
2.    Hoosegow
3.    Mr. Pickles

Favorite Salad Place

1.    Z Pie
2.    Heyday Café
3.    Buttercup Pantry

Favorite Romantic Restaurant

1.    TIE: Café Mahjaic and The Independent
2.    Taste
3.    Heyday Café

Chicken Cacciatore at Papa Gianni’s

Favorite Italian Restaurant

1.    Papa Gianni’s Ristorante
2.    Visconti’s Ristorante
3.    Torino’s Italian Ristorante

Favorite Outdoor Dining

1.    Placerville Brewing Co.
2.    The Independent
3.    Forester Pub & Grill
Honorable Mention: The Smith Flat House

Favorite Takeout Place

1.    Allez!
2.    Old Town Grill
3.    Back Forty Texas BBQ

Favorite Casual Restaurant

1.    Heyday Café
2.    Bricks Eats & Drinks
3.    Buttercup Pantry
A very close #4: Casa Ramos

Bacon Cheeseburger at Old Town Grill

Favorite Independent Burger & Fries Joint

1.    Old Town Grill
2.    Bones Roadhouse Bar and Grub
3.    Tom’s Burger & Frosty

Favorite Family Restaurant

1.    Diamond Springs Hotel
2.    Mel’s Diner
3.    Casa Ramos

Favorite Waitperson

1.    Brad Geers at ZacJack Bistro
2.    Danette Inman at Diamond Springs Hotel
3.    Autumn Childers at Buttercup Pantry

Favorite Caterer

1.    Old Town Grill
2.    Beth Sogaard Catering
3.    Diane Wilkinson Catering

Favorite Independent Coffee/Tea Place

1.    The Bean Barn
2.    Cuppa Coffee & More!
3.    Caffe Santoro

John Evans

Favorite Chef

1.    John Evans at ZacJack Bistro
2.    John Sanders at Old Town Grill
3.    Keith Erickson at Heyday Café

Favorite Bar

1.    Brick Oven Pub
2.    Casa Ramos
3.    Bricks Eats & Drinks

Favorite Wine Bar

1.    Nello Olivo Wine Tasting Room
2.    Heyday Café
3.    The Wine Smith

Margaritas at Casa Ramos

Favorite Cocktail Place

1.    Casa Ramos
2.    Cascada Restaurante & Cantina
3.    Bricks Eats & Drinks

Favorite Bartender

1.    Stacy Calhoun at Casa Ramos
2.    Michelle Stahlman at Durango’s Mexican Restaurant
3.    Chris Della Panna at Heyday Café

Favorite Winery

1.    Boeger Winery
2.    Crystal Basin Cellars
3.    Nello Olivo Wines
Honorable Mentions: David Girard Vineyards and Narrow Gate Vineyards

Favorite Sports Bar

1.    Bricks Eats & Drinks
2.    Casa Ramos
3.    PJ’s Roadhouse
Honorable Mention: Slingshots

Cocktails at Bricks Eats & Drinks

Favorite Happy Hour

1.     Bricks Eats & Drinks
2.     Casa Ramos
3.     Durango’s Mexican Restaurant

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