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03/30/2012 08:04AM ● By Style


Why should my child continue swimming year-round?


It is important that you don’t let your child forget everything she has learned this summer; keep her swimming all year. Some of the many benefits are as follows:

  • Safer and more confident in the water due to constant learning and practice during physical growth and maturation.
  • Improved overall health due to consistent exercise of the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Increased strength and coordination, which leads to better performance in other physical activities.
  • Accelerated brain development, which has scientifically been linked to movement patterns used in swimming.
  • Higher intelligence and problem-solving skills, which helps early schooling.
  • Greater self-discipline plus motivation and confidence to succeed.
  • Increased attention span and alertness in school from listening skills and processing series of complex instructions.
  • Greater self-respect from consistent goal setting, learning and achievement.
  • Valuable socialization skills from interaction with classmates.

Kaleb S. Wallen
Steve Wallen Swim School, Inc.
1230 Glenhaven Court, Suite 100
El Dorado Hills,, 916-939-7075

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