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10 Spot Trivia

05/25/2010 12:10PM ● By Style

June 14 is Flag Day, a day that commemorates the adoption of the United States Flag in 1777.

The red, white and blue, stars and stripes – all symbolize liberty and freedom. Did you know that a brand-new American Flag is flown over the White House every day? To test your flag knowledge, Style challenges you to see if you can name the following flags from a few of the states that make up our great country.


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ɐuozıɹ∀ ˙Ɩ
opɐɹoloƆ ˙ᄅ
ııɐʍɐH ˙Ɛ
puɐlʎɹɐW ˙ㄣ
sʇʇǝsnɥɔɐssɐW ˙ϛ
oɔıxǝW ʍǝN ˙9
ɐıuɐʌlʎsuuǝԀ ˙ㄥ
puɐlsI ǝpoɥɹ ˙8
ɐuıloɹɐƆ ɥʇnoS ˙6
ǝǝssǝuuǝ┴ ˙0Ɩ



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