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Burger Paradise

02/26/2010 04:46AM ● Published by Wendy Sipple

Photos by Dante Fontana

Burgers. They are not necessarily a high taste – we start eating them as kids, and continue to enjoy them today.

Thomas Keller of The French Laundry fame has admitted a soft spot for In-N-Out Burger, and Alton Brown of the Food Network has stated explicitly that his favorite food is the cheeseburger. But where do you go for your favorite prized patty? Our region boasts some of the best in between buns. Style visited with a few local burger chefs for some juicy details about what makes their burgers exceptional.



Owner/Chef  Debbie Harding

Shoestring is a 50-year-old establishment, and has been in its current Broadway location since 1989. Debbie Harding took the reigns over from her dad about 30 years ago, and she kept the tradition of fine quality roadside stand food alive. She has done a fine job of that, as her Pastrami Burger will attest!

1320 Broadway • Placerville • 530-622-7125

Pastrami Burger Fixings:
One, two or three beef patties, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pickles, Lettuce, Onion, Swiss or “good ‘ole’” American cheese, Pastrami (shaved slices), Sesame seed roll

Q: What is the best meat for making burgers?
A: Best quality hamburger beef.

Q: What cheese tastes and melts the best?
A: Swiss or American. Cheddar does not melt well.

Q: What is the best cooking method for a juicy patty?
A: On a hot flat griddle, do not press it down, and turn it only once. Know your meat and listen to the sizzle for clues as to when to turn it.

Q: What is the key to making great burgers every time?
A: Understand what you are making and build the burger stack appropriately. On a regular cheeseburger I like to put the onion on the bottom bun and let the hot juices seep into it. The cold lettuce and tomato go on the top bun so it doesn’t get too hot.

bubba’s burgers two

Chef Tony Rescalvo

Tony Rescalvo is very modest about his burgers, but the fact that he has been serving them up for a dozen years tells you that they are among the best. One of the most popular burgers at Bubba’s is the Mexican Burger.

2650 Cameron Park Drive, Suite 250 • Cameron Park • 530-672-9205

Mexican Burger Fixings:
Beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese,
Avocado, Bacon, Jalapeño, Lettuce

Q: What is the best meat for making burgers?
A: The best flavoring comes from good lean meat. You need some fat for flavor, but you don’t want it too fatty.

Q: What cheese tastes and melts the best?
A: I like American cheese. It really depends on what you want on the burger that day, but I like American.

Q: What is the best cooking method for a juicy patty?
A: Use a good hot broiler.

Q: What is the key to making great burgers every time?
A: There is no secret. Just use good meat and pay attention to the burger while it is cooking. And don’t overcook it!


Feast your eyes on this sampling of some of Style’s favorites.

Old Town Grill
Stuffed Burger (above) with Mushrooms, Feta cheese and Garlic

Bones Roadhouse Bar & Grub
Ranch Burger on Hoagie Roll

Burger Shack
Pastrami Burger

Chicago Pizza & Burgers
Chicago Double Decker

Coloma Club Café & Saloon
Whammi Burger

The Forester Pub & Grill
Buffalo Burger

Ikedas Burger Bar
Ikedas Tofu Burger

Ore Cart Steakhouse
Mother Lode Burger

Sweetie Pie’s
Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger (opening photo)

Sequoia Burger

Two Rivers Café
Chili Cheese Burger

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